Chobham Road crossing update

In October, we posted a message from local resident Sara Rhydderch, regarding a petition for a pedestrian crossing across Chobham Road. This week, Sara sent us this update:

“The petition for a pedestrian crossing across the Chobham Road (A3046) has now closed, with 426 signatures, many thanks to those who signed.

The petition will be presented at the Council meeting on Wednesday 5 December in the Council Chambers.

We hope as many interested people as possible will attend to show their support for the campaign.  You are advised to arrive around 6.30pm, and may leave as soon as you like.”

Sara Rhydderch

3 Responses to Chobham Road crossing update

  1. Elizabeth McQuater says:

    Hi there
    I wasn’t able to attend but I did push the petition amongst friends. Can anyone tell me what the outcome of the meeting and petition was, regarding the Chobham Road crossing?

  2. gretahughson says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I’ve not heard the outcome, but I’ll drop Sara an email and see if she can update us. Thanks, Greta

  3. Sara Rhydderch says:

    Hi Elizabeth.
    Firstly, thanks very much for your support. The presentation went well and the councillors seemed very supportive of the petition.
    SCC propose to carry out a survey during Spring 2013, to locate suitable locations for a controlled crossing. They will then consult widely the residents of the area, including Woking High School students and parents who currently cross or are potential users of a crossing. It’s really important that they get a lot of feedback from residents to ensure the support for at least one of their proposed sites, since this has been an issue in the past.
    Following the consultation, the results would be presented to the relevant Committee during September 2013. If the Committee agrees to proceed, the crossing would be designed during the winter of 2013, ready for installation during the spring of 2014. The petition has highlighted this project as important to the community and it seems to be a priority at the moment.

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