Horsell Sports Ground Association

The Horsell Sports Ground Association, Brewery Road, is home to the Woking & Horsell Cricket Club, Football Club, and Squash Club. All residents of Horsell over the age of 18 are members of the Association; you are entitled to nominate applicants to sit on the Management Committee and to attend the Annual General Meeting to be held on 22nd April 2013, at the Sports Pavilion, commencing at 7pm.

The Management Committee comprises four Members nominated by the Cricket Club, Football Club, Horsell Residents’ Association and the Squash Club. Four Members will also be elected from residents of Horsell at the AGM.

The Association was formed in 1921 with the intention to provide a sports ground and social club for Horsell; the Cricket and Football clubs were granted tenancy. In 1922, the Cricket Club funded a pitch, and the Association built the pavilion. Over the next decade, the grounds established tennis courts, a putting green, held a flower show, were used by the Scouts, and held schools sports events.

Over the years, founder members/Trustees dwindled, such that in 1993 the land became Bona Vacantia, owned by the Crown. This resulted in a proposal for Tesco Supermarket warehouse, a scheme for affordable housing, both unwanted and inappropriate developments.

In 1995, the Horsell Residents’ Association provided support to the last remaining Trustee. Complicated and protracted negotiations took place between our appointed Solicitors, the National Playing Fields Association, the Treasury Solicitor, and the Charity Commission in order to create a new Trust. The new HSGA held its Founding Meeting in December 2001, and the transfer of the land to the NFPA as Custodian Trustees took place a few months later. The HSGA Trustee Management Committee was elected responsible for managing the Trust. The Constitution of the HSGA governs the activities permitted on the ground, held in Trust for the residents of Horsell, which cannot be used for development except under the conditions of the Constitution.

The sports ground is a vital part of the Horsell community, thanks to a small number of dedicated residents who overcame, against all the odds, unwanted commercial interests.

If you value the Sports Ground and wish to join the HSGA Committee please arrange for a nomination letter to be sent before 20th March 2013 to The Honorary Secretary, Horsell Sports Ground Association, 64 Brewery Road, Horsell, GU21 4QH.

David Bromley
Chair, HSGA

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