Report on Horsell Bowling Club’s open day

We had a very successful morning, the rain holding off until we were packing up. We were visited by eighteen people who were keen to try their hands at bowling, of whom sixteen signed up to take a further coaching course, with a possibility of more doing so.
Horsell Bowling Club open day. Photo by Tricia Nigh.

Horsell Bowling Club open day. Photo by Tricia Nigh.

The coaching courses take place over four consecutive weeks between 6 and 8 pm and at the end of that time the participants are asked if they would like to join the club. Any member of the club is able to take advantage of further free coaching and also take part in matches when they are proficient enough.

The club takes part in friendly mixed matches on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings, Ladies friendlies on Tuesday afternoons and various league games with local clubs throughout the week.
Friday night is club night, a social evening of bowls or a drink with friends which will begin this year on Friday 3rd May at 6.15 pm. We are always happy to welcome prospective members to the club and also spectators to any of our games.
Please phone Tricia Nigh on 01483 760170 for more details of club events.
Tricia Nigh

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