Scouts and Guides Grand May Fayre on Monday

The 35th Horsell Scouts and Guides Grand May Fayre will be held at the Wheatsheaf Recreation Ground on Bank Holiday Monday, 6th May, from 12 noon until 4.30pm.

This long-established Woking community fair is the major fundraising event for the Horsell Scout and Guide group. This year is particularly important as we look to fully equip the soon-to-be-built new HQ!

Last year the weather was not particularly kind to us, but this year we are much better prepared for the occasional inclement spell as we have invited a flock of Indian Runner ducks to roam around the May Fayre arena. This is not as completely quackers as it may seem, as to keep them under control we have a champion herd of Welsh sheepdogs under the watchful eye of a national Welsh champion shepherd. Terms such as ‘Come-bye, away, walk on, LIE DOWN’ plus a series of weird, but obviously tuneful, whistles will all go towards making this a truly special event. These commands mean so much to the highly trained sheepdogs, but I wonder if they would be as successful with a herd (or is it heard?) of Beaver Scouts under the command of their highly trained Beaver leaders?

We also have an exciting display of Second World War military vehicles ranging from fighting vehicles to ambulances. Some will be static displays with all their original equipment and others will parade round the arena to music and a full description of the vehicle. I’m really looking forward to this!

The May Fayre would be nothing without The Summerscales Performers. Previously known as the Karen Clark Theatre School, these young, enthusiastic dancers are a real joy to watch. Music lovers will remember the singing duo Whitney and Stilwell who sang and played so successfully last year. They went down so well that they are back by popular demand.

Phew! Is this all going to be TOO exciting? Why don’t you just come along to find out for yourself?

We are very grateful for the support of our 2013 May Fayre sponsors: Crownwood, Harvey Water Softeners and Seymours Estate Agents, Horsell.

Richard Mackie

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