About this blog

This site is the online version of Horsell’s popular free magazine, The Resident. It is updated regularly and is designed to complement both the quarterly print magazine, and HRA’s main website. The Resident is just one of the ways that Horsell Residents’ Association fulfills its aims towards the residents of Horsell.

Horsell Residents’ Association was formed in 1965 as a non-political group open to all adult residents of Horsell (an area covering the combined WBC wards of Horsell West and Horsell East) in the borough of Woking, Surrey (UK). HRA exists to:

  • promote, uphold and protect the interests of residents in all matters affecting or likely to affect Horsell and its environs.
  • bring to the notice of relevant authorities or bodies those matters affecting the interests of Horsell residents, and accordingly keep its members informed.
  • support and promote social and benevolent activities for the general benefit of Horsell residents, and fundraise in support of such activities.

For more information on HRA, and our aims and objectives please visit our website at www.horsellresidents.com or read What does Horsell Residents’ Association do?

HRA is a members’ organisation – join us for only £5 per year (£2.50 retired).

Discover more about us in the latest Resident magazine, delivered free to Horsell residents. We’re always on the lookout for new volunteers to help us with the magazine. Find out more.

There are a legal disclaimer, privacy and copyright statements for this blog and information about making a complaint about this blog here.

6 Responses to About this blog

  1. Nancy Foyen says:

    I have just stumbled on your site and was looking with interest as I moved to Horsell with my family at the age of about 3 in 1956.

    My parents eventually left in 1983.

    My father was involved with the Bedser Boys Club and my Mother an avid member of the Young Wives group and later the WI. Both my sister and I went St Mary’s School on the Hill and later to schools in Woking.

    I currently live in Tropical North Queensland, Australia and wondered if you would like any reflective articles of my memories of the village life.

    I am still in possession of photographs of the opening of the Swing Bridge by Mr Benstead (spelling?) and children from St Mary’s School.

    Look forward to hearing from you one way or the other.


    Nancy Foyen (nee Evans)

    • Lesley Barnard says:

      I’m not too sure where to leave this message but as Nancy’s post has an historical perspective perhap it’s as good a place as any! I lived in Horsell in late 1972/early 1973 and lodged with a lovely lady called Frances Burt in Thornash Road. The recent media focus on the Titanic’s centanary reminded me that Frances had a friend called Kay (which I recall was not her real name) who lived opposite to us in the same road and who had been a child passenger on the Titanic. She would have then been in her 70s I guess so fits the story chronologically but I wondered whether anyone else in the village remembers Frances and Kay or knows any more about this story?
      With best wishes,
      Lesley Barnard

      • David Fincham says:

        Hi Lesley , you didn’t by any chance live next to my Ban, Freda Page , holly oak avenue horsell?

  2. gretahughson says:

    Hi Lesley,
    How interesting – I’ll post your message on the blog and see if anyone remembers any more – I’ll drop you an email if I hear anything!

  3. Tony Kremer says:

    Nancy and Lesley – would you like to upload these comments to Memory Lane on horselljubilation.net?

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